Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Sheet Mask/Day! Is It Worth It?

Hi everyone!
Did you ever heard about this trend yet? well, i've heard it a lot that they are using one sheet mask each day.
I usually only use sheet mask once in a week and maybe twice but after so many people trying it and claim that they feel a different after using it everyday, i become curious about the result too.
Recently i got package from skin18 and they are kindly enough to send me a bunch of sheet mask so i can try using it everyday for six days and review it for you guys.

First day
Four season aloe soothing waterfull oasis mask


  • this mask have so many essence in it. The consistency seem too watery compare to the other mask, actually i like this kind of consistency but when i put on my face the essence keep dropping.
  • smells like cucumber but this is aloevera, i dont know why or it just me who smell it, lol.
  • this sheet mask is thin enough . 
  • i have acne prone skin which is sensitive but this mask didnt make my skin breakout.

Second day
Four season red ginseng white clean active mask


  • at first i thought it was carrot and it does smells like carrot juice but i just realize its red ginseng.
  • its same with the aloe one because they are from same brand.
  • the second day still didnt break me out too, yeyy!!!

Third day
four season multi vita brightening active mask


  • i am not sure how it smells like.
  • again it from four season brand.
  • after i use this mask it feel itchy and i dont know why because i didnt feel like this when i use the aloe and red ginseng. so i think it just because the ingredient in this mask didnt suit me well and not because the brand.

fourth day
Soc 3d beauty serum face mask (syn-eke) 


  • compare to the other mask that i received this mask is the most thick one.
  • it more easy to use because this mask is 3D mask and i really like how it cover my jaw.
  • didnt remember the smell but it just okay.
  • i got a small pimple after i use it.

fifth day

I know this kind of mask since i watched roomate season 2 (korean variety show) when jackson wore it and when i know skin18 send me this mask i am so exited.


  • it really does brightening effect and i recomend you to using it for big event.
  • this mask really cute.
  • didnt break me out.
  • smells like apple.

sixth day
L'affair ac dressing 3 step skin renewal mask

L'affair become my favorite mask now, and this ac mask have 3 step:


the cleanser have a soft scrub so it wont iritate your skin.
even though it just like a sample but it more than enough to wash your face.


the serum have a gel consistency, i use it right after i wash my face with the cleanser and it have a tingling sensation almost like a burning and i am starting to afraid but dont wory it will gone after you put the mask on ;)


this is the most thin mask compare to the other which i prefer when it comes for sheet mask.
the burning sensation after i use the serum is gone right after i use this.
it helps dry my pimples and this 3 step mask really work!

Is it worth to try everyday?

well, i cant really say its worth nor it didnt worth it because its depend on how long you use it, i only use it for 6 days and again its skincare which is you cant tell right away.
if you have budget for using mask everyday i would say go for it and search the mask that suit your skin type.
if you didnt have budget for using mask everyday just use it every week and it will be enough too, but i do believe sheet mask really importan to use.
for me personaly i will just use it every once or twice a week :D

lastly, here the sample that i got

i cant really review it because its sample but i will show you how the products looks like in case you want to order it too.

Ben & sera 30 days anti-aging project serum

Ben & sera 30 days anti-aging coating cream

Ben & sera jj-cream diamond whitening one second

instagram: @skin18com 
twitter: @skin18com

*disclaimer: this all products was sent to me for review, however it doesnt change my own opinion about the products

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